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Booobs aaaah.
Thanx for the offer brother.... I'm back on the East side now though. Heading for New Foundland in the morning to put a cap on this ride. Still have 15,000mi to report to you guys and will add about 6,000mi on this Newfy leg sooo lots to com, thanx for riding along.

Ok we wake up HOT in Green River and head down the road.... I accidently jump on 191 south, but only for 'bout 1/2mi, then I flag Esther down and show her the River Road. Aaaaah much betta ride.

No go....

Aaah that's more like it....

La Sal Peak in the distance...

Got Esther out of the dessert and to the river... she said she just wanted to pull over and jump in, (in a couple days we do.)
I suggest we go on our own so that she can go at her own pace and really soak up this fine area... sooo off we go.

The Ol' Dewey Bridge.... some youngster having a campfire caught it on fire.... oooh boy so much for that long standing history:/ Link to much of its info here:

Sunset at Dewey Bridge
Photo Courtesy of Rim Rock Road Runners

Cattle Drive Across Dewey Bridge

And on we ride...

Woop Woop...

I pull into the Sorrel River Ranch... a place I dicovered back in '09 on a ride through, very niiice. I'm looking for a gift for Sherri since when I tried getting her one and getting it shipped back then... my Credit Card was maxed and sooo a nooo go.

I meet and flirt/share love with, Heather and Jenni...

We have an awesome time and Heather promises to ship Sherri out a nice robe... I tip her xtra for her loving care then walk out to see how my other girl Desiree' is doing and meet Ali... WOW can my day get any better?!?

We have another Excellent talk and discuss life and Mother Earth. She's an Herbalist and Owns Sister Root Medicinal "Roots are our Sisters."

Ali Fuller, Sister Root Medicinals
Sister Root Medicinals is a small company that handcrafts herbal products out of wild, organic and naturally occurring ingredients. Sister Root’s line is based on products that proved most effective, useful or simply used most in the average daily life. The complete line consists of Salves, Sunscreens, Toothpowders, Bitters, Liniments, Poultices, and Flea & Tick powder and are available today at Kaleidoscope Wellness Center. In 2008 Ali Fuller received herbal training in Northern California with Jane Bothwell at Dandelion Herb Center and also completed Rosemary Gladstar’s Science and Art of Herbalism course. Ali’s interest in the human body and how it worked developed quickly after being healed by a “quack” doctor when all other doctors had failed. (He was however a Massage Therapist & Herbalist) From that point, at the age of 16, that therapist took her in under his wing and Ali has been studying herbs and the body ever since. In 2006 Ali went to massage school in Prescott, Arizona at Arizona School of Integrative Studies and received 700 hrs of training including Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports massage, Reflexology, Polarity, Hot stones, and Ayurvedic massage. Today Ali mostly practices a variety of all of the modalities learned and creates different sessions for each person according to their needs. Currently Ali is enrolled in The Feldenkrais practitioner training course and hopes to teach with the guild in 2012, with the possibility of hosting free recorded feldnekrais classes at Kaleidoscope Wellness in the meantime. She is very excited about teaching herbal courses at the center as well and can’t wait to empower people with basic knowledge of the plants around us and their uses.

It's a sweet day everytime I'm in this neck of the woods....

Another couple pretty giirrls...

People all over the River floating and campgrounds all full... but somehow no good picks.

Then we roll into my FAVORITE eatery in Moab........... "THE" Eklecticafe maaan the Organic food is THE bomb and my girlfriends will GAURANTEE make you smile!!!
Stacy and Angie... "Just puuurrty faces in the pic" they joked.

I love these guy's and every morning when I'm in town I'm down there for body and SOUL food!^)- such a B-L-A-S-T to hang out ther.
Birds eating off your table....

Good food....

Good Vibes...

Did I say I LOVE the Eklecticafe? haha yup ya gotta stop in I tell ya and tell 'em I sent ya... think I'll drop 'em a line in the morn'n.



352 North Main Street (435) 259-6896
Open 7 days a week 7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Daily Breakfast & Lunch Specials. Homemade soups & quiche. Traditional & ethnic dishes. Famous for our scrambled tofu and vegetarian cuisine! "Wakame" recently featured in Sunset Magazine, April 2012.
EklectiCafe Menu

I head to the Campground to meet up with Esther again, and all the KLRWorld gang... gonna be a FUN couple days.

NOTE: 9-14-2012 I'm heading out in a few hours for some uncharted territory... Lab, New Foundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, sooo I may or may not keep the RR going till I get back in a couple weeks??? This is the final piece of the puzzle for me as far as riding in every State, Province and Territory in North America, all since getting back into bikes July 2008.

Once I get past the Adirondacks (and a meeting with more KLRWorld folks 2mro morning in Mansfield PA, as they go to a gathering/ride in the Allegheny Mtns for the weekend) I will be free of any connections and friends. Since I've traveled soo much all my life I seem to know someone everywhere I go and it kinda makes my adventure a connect the dots kinda thing.... hey it's really fun but this is gonna be great.
All new stuff to see and NEW PEOPLE to meet. Sooo I'll ketch up wit' ya asap!
Cheers and PEACE,
Jettn Jim

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