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KLR Radiator Fan

The Killer's radiator fan, started to make funny noises outside of Silverton and on the drive into Montrose. I checked it at camp and noticed that one of the mounting bolts rattled off. No problem, new bolt at Davis Service Center, attached and ready to go. . . As I we are pulling into Moab, my fan started to make some very unpleasant noises, so I pull over and notice that the actual fan is really loose. (Oh no, we are entering the desert section during one of the hottest summers on record and through some of the most technical riding of the whole trip.)

We stop to get groceries and talk to a local (not the crazy offensive one) and find out about Arrowhead Motorsports ( ). After talking to Fred (extremely knowledgeable about KLR’s and overall nice guy), he said that this is a common issue with KLR’s. (Wait a minute, I thought the only problem was the doo hickey?) We discuss ordering parts which would take too long. He mentions a quick fix with epoxy, so I risk it and I was hoping to fix it when we got to camp for the night.

The fan was in 3 pieces when we got to camp.

We drive on into the desert with no radiator fan. . .

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