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Originally Posted by Gone-Native View Post
Thanx for the post!

My dad grew up in Sebasco, Phippsburgh..... Love it up there

Too bad you're not riding down, I'm feeling for your GS having to be in the back of a truck...... it's just not right
I know, I know, I'm about to change out to TKC's here for the first time using the Best Rest Bead Breaker and thought I'd better do it here then in the parking lot in Greer in case I totally flub up!

Also, I might be doing a marathon 19 hours back and want to avoid that on the bike. Maybe I'll park 20 miles out, drive through the mud, paste a couple hundred insects all over the place, and roll in with complete poseur glory! Actually, the real event will be getting a 600 lb bike out of the back of the truck if there are no gullies or big ditches...
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