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Utah/Colorado trip

I wasn't going to do a report, out of laziness really. But I've enjoyed so many other folks pictures and stories, I thought I would contribute something. Also I have nothing else to do right now. lol.

The plan was to ride from Las Vegas to Grand Junction, CO and meet up with my son, who would ride over from Denver. Then the plan was to ride the passes around Silverton, camping nearby. I was on my Super Tenere and he on his new-to-him WeeStrom. This was my first big trip on the Tenere and Aaron's first real motorcycle trip period.

He just moved back to Denver from Hawaii, where he was stationed in the Marine Corps. He bought his first motorcycle in December, I think, after he returned from his second tour in Afghanistan. It was a '03 Harley Sportster. He sold it before he left the island for exactly what he paid for it. Then he bought the Wee off Craigslist in Denver. It is pretty much all tricked out for ADV riding, and he loves it. I am jealous of his Sergeant seat.

I have to say, for a kid who's been riding for 8 months, he kicked ass on this ride. We rode Ophir, Cinnamon, and Engineer passes, that one in the pouring rain. He had a couple of drops, one was my fault, but mostly he just bulled through everything.

On to the pictures. There are many reports on these areas by people who know them really well and I don't have much to add, except to say "Thanks!" to them for the good info. I'll keep my description of the trip simple.

It's 105 degrees, I'm ready to roll.

I camped the first night at Lake Powell, right at the lake. Waheap marina, or something like that. Full on camp store with showers and water. Good deal. It was beautiful, but it stormed that night and ruined my campfire. That will be important later.

I met a really nice couple, whose names I don't remember (sorry!), camped across from me. They were in an SUV with a box trailer, and inside the trailer were two motorcycles, one is a sport tourer and one an enduro. They apparently travel around camping and jump on the bikes, two up, to go exploring. I have my plan for retirement now.

The lake.

The next morning my bike was attacked by pterodactyls at Glen Canyon Dam. We escaped harm.

I took the scenic route through Monument Valley, highway 163.

I ran into a big thunderstorm just south of Moab. I stopped and put on my rain gear, just in time. As I was riding through the rain I passed, going in the opposite direction, a long line of M/C pirates. They were in full protective bandanas and cut off denim jackets. I'm sure they were too tough to even notice the rain, lol.

Stopped for coffee. Talked to Phil (I think?) and his wife from New Zealand. They are riding the TAT two-up and have a ride report going here. Nice to meet you!

I took the scenic route though the canyon north of Moab, highway 128. Couldn't be more beautiful.

Met up with Aaron. He showed up with this tire:

Hard to tell but it's completely squared off. He was complaining that the bike was handling badly on the way from Denver so I looked at the tire and told him that was his problem. We went over to the Suzuki dealership in Grand Junction first thing the next morning and got him a new tire. The only dual-purpose tire they had was a brand I never heard of, but we had no choice. They put it on in no time and we got on the road. He was much happier with the new tire's handling.

The new tire.

This put us behind schedule a little. I had planned for us to ride highway 141 south from Grand Junction around to Telluride. But we decided that we would go down 50 to Montrose and over on 90 to the start of Last Dollar road. Those pics are next.
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