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We rode Last Dollar Road into Telluride.

Aaron's adventure gear is leather jacket and jeans.

The previous owner had put on BMW hard bags, heated grips, Sergeant seat and new pipe.

My only aftermarket upgrades are Givi crashbars, Force Accessories skid plate and K60 tires.

We didn't really stop for a lot of pictures, at least compared to some of the ride reports I've read here. But I had to stop here. This "tunnel" of aspens was beautiful. I wish I had the skills to really capture it.

I believe this is the high point of Last Dollar Road. Just a really nice ride.

What a poser.

We hit a couple of big mud holes. Didn't have any trouble with them though. One was much larger than this, but we didn't stop for pictures.

We stopped in Telluride for a cup of coffee and then it was on to Ophir Pass.

Did I mention Aaron is afraid of heights?

This is where we had some trouble. If you know Ophir, you know there is really only one hard spot. A fairly steep section with loose baby-head size rocks. I forgot to turn my traction control off, so when my tire started to spin I lost power. Basically I just slowed and lost momentum and dropped the bike over on it's side. I picked it up and started off again just as Aaron came up behind me. He stopped because he thought I wanted to tell him something, he hadn't seen me drop the bike.

I took off and got to a level spot at the switchback and turned to look for Aaron. His bike was on it's side and he couldn't get it going again. He just couldn't get momentum again. So I walked back down to him and a jeep guy coming up behind him helped too. We just helped push him until he got enough speed to keep going.

Aaron got a little sweaty.

But we made it safe and sound. No damage to either bike.

We got into the campground a Molas Lake and set up. I had planned for us to go up to Clear Lake, but the delay with the tire nixed that plan.

Aaron had no camping gear, so I gave him an old tent I had from many years ago. It is an old style with two center poles and no rain fly. I remember it being really hot in the summer and a PITA to sleep in because of the poles. Beggars can't be choosers, right? We'll see.

My tent is a super-light backpacking tent from Mountain Hardware. And it's tiny. My wife and I used it a lot when we lived in Denver. I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else. I don't want to get to know anyone else that well.

The day isn't over yet.
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