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I had found out that an old friend was going to be riding in the same area at the same time. Bart is a poster on this board, but rarely. I know Bart because my wife and he were part of the Buell riders group. They met years ago and rode together on a few Buell rides. When I got back from my last tour in Afghanistan I bought the Buell we own now from Bart. That was over a year ago. Since then I haven't talked to Bart much and in the meantime we both bought blue Super Teneres! I actually found out he had one through a forum posting on another site. Weird coincidence.

Bart was staying in Silverton, so we rode down to have dinner. Good times. We made a plan to ride the Alpine loop the next day. As Aaron and I started riding back to Molas Lake it started raining. It rained good and hard. This was my second night of camping on this trip and both nights had rain. (We staying in a hotel in Grand Junction the night before.)

Aaron had trouble keeping his tent dry.

The next morning he was not happy.

Don't worry though, I was fine.

But so far a big lesson learned for me was that I need a bigger tent. Two nights stuck in the little tent sucked. I need some room to move around, organized my gear better, etc... I had about 65lbs total on my bike on this trip. That's camping gear, tools, food, and clothes - everything. I can afford to go from a 5lbs tent to a 10lbs tent.

And once again, I didn't get a campfire.

And don't forget, Aaron is (or was anyway) a Corporal of Marines, as he puts it. So he whipped out the 550 cord the next morning and reset the tent without the poles so he'd have more room.

Then he set his tarp up over the whole thing so he wouldn't get wet. I didn't get a picture, but it was a good set up.

I am an Army Master Sergeant, so I did what we do. Drank coffee and made fun of the kid.

Ride to Coffee
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