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So we rode down to Silverton for breakfast with Bart. Then we got on the trail for the Alpine Loop. That's from Animas Forks, over Cinnamon Pass to Lake City and Engineer Pass back to Animas Forks.

Signs require pictures.

Father and son. He ended up hating that helmet by the end of the trip. Not enough padding for long days.

This is Animas Forks. An old ghost town now.

This is the beginning of Cinnamon Pass. The only problem Aaron had with his bike was that on rocky terrain the kickstand would start to bounce down against the spring holding it up. When it bounced really hard, it would kill the engine thanks to the kickstand cut-off switch. It happened to him on this part. He had to turn the bike around and go to the bottom and get another start. He's a fast learner.

Skidding to a stop.

Myself, Bart and Aaron on Cinnamon. Not pictured are the 50 other people up there that day. It was Labor Day weekend, and busy.

As I said, he's a poser.

We had lunch in Lake City and then on up to Engineer Pass.

We had been dodging rain all day, the sky was pretty threatening.

Look over your shoulder, Aaron!

I'm a fan of this bike.

Yeah, that's rain coming alright.

Another Marine, I'm sure Bart is thinking, "This rain is great!"

Yeah, here it comes.

I have two regrets on this trip. 1. I didn't get stickers for the passes, and 2. I didn't get pictures of the trail running with water coming down from Engineer. It was quite a sight. There was only one problem on the way down. Aaron's bike slipped out from under him on a wet rock on a switchback. Bent his clutch lever a little, but no real damage.

Also a note on the Olympia Moab jacket. Worked out great. I thought I would hate the idea of putting the rain liner underneath the jacket and ending up with a wet jacket. Turned out to be no problem. The outer jacket got wet but dried quickly. I brought an outer rain suit, but that thing flapping in the wind bothered me more than having a wet outer jacket. Living in the desert I ride in rain so rarely that this system works just fine.
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