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Our wet ride ended at a restaurant in Silverton. Which is a good way to end any ride.

As a new ADV rider, I'm enjoying the looks you get from the Harley riders when they see your filthy bike, lol.

That night I finally got a campfire. And another lesson learned: bring firestarters. All the wood was damp. Those little firestarters that are bricks of wax and sawdust would have been perfect. Next time.

The next morning we packed up.

Aaron took off for home and he made it safe and sound back to Denver that day. My plan was to ride through Utah, take the ferry across Lake Powell at Hall's Crossing and ride Burr Trail to a campground near Boulder Utah.

I had told Bart I planned to ride to Durango for breakfast and to send me a message if he was going the same way. He did, but my phone was dead so I didn't get it. As it turned out, we were both on 550 south at the same time and saw each other on the road. So we went and had breakfast.

At Mancos he spit off to ride up to the Tetons and I went off towards Monticello. That was a surprising ride. It doesn't look like much on the map, but it's beautiful country.

As I was heading down 191 I was looking over at the mountains I would be riding to off the the west. There was a giant rain cloud hovering over the mountains. This completely drained my enthusiasm. I was really looking forward to riding Burr Trail, but I was not looking forward to another night in that tiny tent in the rain.

I've been in the Army for 24 years. A good chunk of that time has been deployed or in the field. I'm not a big fan of camping to begin with, add some rain and I'm just not happy. It's too much like work. I have to make a decision soon. Either I just accept that I'm not going to have fun on these trips if I'm camping and plan to stay in motels, or get a bigger tent and figure out how to be comfortable camping. I'm wrestling with it. Camping will allow me to afford more trips, motels would mean I'd enjoy them more. Which makes more sense? Maybe I'll start a thread asking this question elsewhere.

Anyway I decided to bail south and rode into Page and got a motel. It was cheap and perfect.

All packed up for the last day.

Lots of pretty country, if you like desert landscapes, which I do. This is east of Zion.

And lots of potential roads to ride.

Rode through Zion NP.

It's amazing.

This is me, impressed.

And that's it. The rest is just boring ass highway miles home.

It was 6 days and a total of 1600 miles. No day longer than 400 miles, I don't think. Lessons learned include the tent and firestarters, and also that I need a better seat and that my shorty windscreen is fine around town, but I'm going to need a taller one if I'm going on the road for these kinds of trips. Oh and the bike did great off-road. Never even thought about shutting the ABS off. I just wish it didn't reset to full traction control when you shut it off. It would be better if it remembered your last setting and stayed with that.

Thanks for reading!

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