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Sorry to revive and old post, but after owning my '11 1200GSA for almost a year now, I finally had it too hot. I had just ridden about 7 hours with just one short fuel stop and was stopped for about 20 minutes while waiting to cross back into the US. After about 15 minutes of idle, the oil lamp started flashing and the yellow warning lamp came on. I routinely get the temp guage to the top hash mark while slow rolling off road, but I've never had the oil lamp flash like that. I did have quite a bit of mud and dirt caked on the engine from the prior day of riding through flooded Mexican streets and muddy dirt roads, but I didn't think that would have effected it since the bike is oil cooled, but who knows. The bike is using 20w50 synthetic and air temp was only 85F. Once I crossed back into the US and hopped onto the highway, the temp went right back down. Has anyone else had this happen or was this a fluke caused buy all the mud on the engine? This incident has me second guessing my decision to purchase the GSA for my needs, however since its supposed to be designed to ride around the world, I thought maybe there was an underlining problem that maybe the dealer should look into.
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