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Just before going into any city centro I always check the gas and if need be fill up so following this golden rule I pulled into the next Pemex and topped up, I glanced down and there were some drops of oil under the bike. Had a real good look under the bike and came to the conclusion that oil was coming out the top of the rear shock. BAD, BAD NEWS. On with the trip

The next day it took me half a day to locate a Suzuki dealer, off I go with all sorts of bad feelings, when I finally found the place, it's actually a different address from the internet and phone book, more than a kilometer error but at least still on the circular road. The owner luckily spoke some English so we had a little discussion, went out to see the mechanic who looked at it, studied it carefully and said - no - theres nothing wrong its just chain oil. Well that made this man my favourite person

since that took all day I figured I would have supper and a beer in the centro and start touring the city in the morning
That night was the start of Montezuma's revenge, felt god awful in the morning and deteriorated from there, like really really bad

trying to get breakfast down, looks delicious but wasn't going down easy

went back to the room and slept

lunch was a bowl of sopa de pollo

some of the very few pictures I took of Oaxaca,market scene

Oaxaca centro in the rain

sweeping up the water so the tourists don't get their feet wet

my first and last beer in Oaxaca

the owner and people at the hotel where I stayed we're very very good to me, did my laundry for free and checked on me once in a while. I checked out Bakker's Hotel America which was directly across the street from my hotel, nice, clean and newly renovated but I managed to talk my hotel down to match the price and got a nicer room out of the deal. There has to be 20 hotels in 1 square block, so you can go by price or quality which either you want quite easily

looking down at the courtyard

no more food pictures, after I threw up on my plate in the first restaurant I ate outside to try and avoid making a mess, I managed to do it twice more but then such is life

managed to get to Monte Albin

ball court where they played their national sport, they played the length and up the sloping sides

one of the few stellas which seemed to have been there, the whole place
was very plain. You have to hand it to the natives they levelled the top of a mountain to build their city and it was pretty near impregnable

after a not very good time in Oaxaca (all my fault)it's off to Puerto Escondido
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