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Back to the tar for a bit.

My mate says Ď2 muts are better than oneí!

Who says dam after a good blowering?

Got to check my filler cap, seems to be leaking.

Found some waterfall.

Then saw the snowline.

As I kept going, I continued to get better views of the snow.

More backroads heading home Ė holy-ghost it was a nice day.

Check out the views!

I then started having a go at taking pictures with my left hand while I rode along. These are the best of many.

For the locals, I was on the eastern side of River Road, east of Jingellic.

Then, I was almost home. Took mainly tar for the final 150ks.

Thatís all folks.

Information you probably donít care about:

Trip was cheap, and awesome (If I didnít drink, cost less than $250).

Jeez, spring is a brilliant time for looking around.

Bike needed nothing adjusted or any maintenance. Left tyre pressures the same, didnít even lube the chain or anything. I think it was about 1300k total.

Despite being fortunate enough to have a few days off, I want more.
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