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You know.....I am just some dude in the military (and yes, I will be WIDELY spreading this issue), but I do have access to a legal service office. I am going to look into this.....what the hell!! The more I think about what I paid for the bike and how easily the wheels were damaged, the more pissed off I get.

Obviously you did not do your research before you bought a bike. The BMW
is not a machine which is tough enough in stock form to do actual off road riding
without failures.

I have known for a long time that the newer BMWs are over-priced
and deeply flawed machines. Take a look at the fork failure thread on the 650. Take
a look at the final drive failure threads for the big GS bikes.

BMW's best days are behind them. Sell the bike and move on to a better machine, or
take personal responsibility for the choice you made and accept that the bike needs
upgrades before it will be a reliable off road machine.

By the way, good luck with attempting to bring legal action against BMW, because BMW has
deeper pockets than you do and they have repeatedly demonstrated their desire
to avoid even admitting there have been problems. That behavior alone should be enough
to cause a discerning buyer to look elsewhere.

There are other bikes which will provide very good service with much less


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