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I haven't experienced this, but did notice after replacing the stock exhaust with a full Akropovic system, the oil-engine temperature runs 1 to 2 bars cooler on warm days. I rode the bike this summer in the 100+ degree weather and didn't see anything above the mid mark on the gauge. I've also never seen my oil light illuminated while riding the bike. I assume by removing the catalysts from beneath the sump has made the difference? BTW, I run 20-50 full synthetic year round and change the oil and filter religiously every 3K miles. I had the BMW dealer install my HID headlights and was pissed when I realized they had zip tied the ballasts to the backside of the oil cooler. I redid the install myself and righted a complete oversight on their part. My dog could have done a better job had she been allowed in the garage. When I rang them about their oversight, I was made to feel it wouldn't have made a difference in the bike's cooling and ballast performance. In retrospect, I should have done the install myself and I will perform all work on my bikes going forward.
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