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Holy Smokes. I stand corrected!

Originally Posted by 550SENTA View Post
i allready modyfied the radiators,i mounted 2 electric fans taken from a computers shop,i installed battery 4 them to work on the moto,another improovement i did was to install a electric water pump.the old water pump i had didnt supported high tures and breaked all the time(i had like 4 gears smashed in the engine-water pump gears).i tryed water methanol and also pure methanol today with my improvisation of instalation.the instalation i made its not good,its sprays too much compound,like 200 mililiters in 10 seconds ,but was fun to try it.i observed a improovement using methanol at idle.but at a point the engine stopped and i dismounted the carb to clean it,was full of water and methanol.oh,btw,today i felt verry sick because i sprayyed methanol with this instalation ,and i think i inhaled a bit.can be lethal,so dont play with methanol,anyway ,its illegal in most countryes.i think a good sistem can be done with water methanol but these compounds must be bottled in a high pressure recipe and with a verry fine nozzle (like spray cans have) that would increase the flow when engine gets high tures.
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