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I had to turn my nearly-dead phone on to help find my way back to where I was supposed to be, and found a road on the map that looked like it'd sort of do it. Only one problem when I got there:

So I put it in 1 wheel drive and was off....until problem number 2: gas light came on. Map said it was around 12 miles till the next main road and I had no idea how long it would be from there. With an expected 30mph at the 8-15 miles an hour I'd be traveling, I didn't want to chance it, so turned around, found gas, then headed back to the road.

I figured it would be a bad idea, but wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't give it a go.

Turned out to be a beautiful (if not slightly nerve-wracking) idea:

I had stopped at one point to check my tires to make sure they weren't being torn to shreds. There was a house about 50 meters in front of me and on the porch a statue of a huge black dog, facing me. Now all over Canada I've seen statues of deer on lawns, but this was a massive statue right in the middle of where someone would walk. Then it moved: wasn't no f'ing statue! Like horses, dogs tend to attack me more often than not, so I was shitting my pants just a little. And I'm not kidding when I say the dog looked just like Cujo. Despite how great I think it would have made this post, I was NOT going to get my camera out and take a picture.

But this picture will suffice:

While he came down the steps slowly, I climbed onto the bike (which was still running) and thought if he charges there's no way I can make a u-turn in time (remember I'm on gravel). Only one way out of it and that was straight ahead. (The only thing that would suck more than crashing in rocks would be crashing in rocks and then getting attacked by a dog.)

I revv'd the bike loudly, let the clutch slip and accelerated with the TC light flickering solidly. And to my relief he froze. The glorious snarling the 1199 produces under load kept him where he belonged and kept my arm out of his mouth.
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