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Stockbridge, Mich

Stockbridge, Michigan's All Makes Rally happens each year in mid September. The town is located north of Chelsea and north west of Ann Arbor. It is a town with a courthouse and a church in the town square. The locals are friendly and the day was perfect. Left Toledo about 8am with a buddy I have been riding with for over 40 years. It was a cool crisp early autumn morning. The local wildlife was either flat-raccons, possums and skunks or on the run, one medium buck deer and half a dozen wild turkey on Michigan's smooth wide Route 52. We got to Stockbridge at about 930 and ate the great breakfast buffet at the town square church. The vendors were setting up and the smell of BBQ was in the air. The thing my buddy and I really enjoy about this kind of rally is all the different kinds of bikes. If you are a gearhead it is enough to feed that need for sure. You see anything and everything. Every year I get to see my friend Dave with his outstanding Hannigan sidecar outfit on a ZX 14 Kaw. This year he offered me a ride. Dave is a very experienced sidecar driver who has done the Tail of the Dragon numerous times and lived to tell about it. He took me out into the hilly Michigan countryside and it was a HOOT! We went around some corners and turns alot faster than a single bike could. I'm sure he will notice my fingerprints still embedded in the OH S#^T Bar you hold onto in the car. When we got back he was looking at the handlbar plate I made up for my ZZR1200 Kaw to get the bars higher and back further to get out of the crouch the stock setup gives you. He also liked my safety wire and flat white paintjob. I made it home solo over 75 miles in just under an hour. A perfect day.

Rick in Ohio
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