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Claude and CSM have sent me on my way and I'm learning, I've had my rig home for about 2500 miles and have adjusted it this and that and am back almost to where I started.Its hauling my dog and I and or insignificant other around pretty nicely, mostly neutral steering, enough power (there's never really enough) and even managed 32 mpg in the Coulees in the Mississippi River Valley ( greatly surprised).

My 04 GSA I've owned since new with 81k as of today,set it up with a 32/11 final drive from an RT for just a touche deeper gearing and welder buddy whose shop I hang out in all winter did a Dedone style trail reduction (thanks to inmate Twintwin) we shortened the front A-frame Telelever 3/4" and extended the ball joint mount (Lower triple clamp) 3/4" to leave the fork in the stock position yet change the trail, it seems to not need allot of spring as I'm only up to Ohlins # 12-58 and no bottoming yet.

The stuff laying next to it is soy beans as part of my learning curve was to overheat a rt turn and opt for the bean field (sorry Claude, I didn't apply what I'd learned) .

The real fun in picking this up was going for a ride with Claude, him in the Red Baron me on this one, having been around the stock car dirt track business a bit years ago I was not surprised when he was off like a shot and I was working like a dog to catch up. Claude raced sprint cars and a guy I used to help always swore southern circle track racers only talked slow (Claude's from Florida) once they are on or in their particular foil they are no longer charming bubba's but men looking for the edge of traction.It was fun, I'd never would have gotten going that well without someone
to follow.

Future plans are another of Strokers wheels for the front ASAP, possibly a different set Wunderlich boxer boost cams, the bikes got 81k but after running the hell out of it for a couple weeks she hasn't gulped any extra oil so I think she's still pretty healthy and the other cams will probably kill a little compression. I have another complete top end with re chromed cylinders and 11/1 rt,rs,s pistons and a fresh set of heads but I'd love to get this stock gs past 100k first.
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