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Thanks to Jeff and Rob, got the clutch and trans in tonight.

A few pointers and comments:
- we were not at all clear about the balance marks on the existing flywheel and clutch, and even the new parts, that were well-marked, didn't quite align 120 degrees from each other. Cross your fingers!
- of course the new clutch is installed with new bolts
- what I was reading here and elsewhere led me to think that the stock clutch bolts would not be long enough to pull in the spring, that wasn't the case - we managed to get a few threads on, with two people pressing and one person turning screws. I would have done the long bolts and nuts method but I forgot to buy them and we were working late in the evening
- I couldn't imagine doing this without the clutch alignment tool - it did far more than align, it held everything in place while we bolted it up.
- trans install was certainly easier with 3 people -- one to lift up the battery box and two to manipulate the transmission on and do up a few bolts. Top bolts first.
- the mandrills I made to take the trans off definitely helped align stuff while putting it on, too.
- I hope I moly lubed everything enough but not too much, including clutch spring plate, spline (male and female) and clutch rod. I used a small wire brush to get the moly grease right into the splines. I lubed the rear spline, too, but I think that was premature lubing. :-)
- oh yeah... I almost forgot that I almost forgot to remove the bolt I put through the flywheel (around 11:00 looking from rear) to stop it from turning while torquing the clutch. Wouldn't THAT be a bummer!

Hoping to get it all put together this coming weekend, and be riding again soon!

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