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Results from my class:

Still waiting on seeing overall results. That 2nd to last lap & part of last lap was when I was behind Mr. "won't move over" KTM. Sucked up some time, but what yah gonna do.

It obviously feels good passing guys on new bikes, when I'm on one that's the same age as myself. The drum rear brake sucked. That was my fault though. I installed new shoes in it & didn't properly bed them in before the race. Lesson learned.....get discs. I was mostly glad to know I was able to really push all the way until the end.

I also greatly improved my feeding the night before & morning of the race. I did some proper carb loading Saturday PM (brown rice pasta) with some chorizo & vodka sauce. Sunday AM I pounded down a pile of bacon, chorizo packed scrambled eggs, with some gluten free waffles on the side. Around 930AM, I had a LarBar, and at 11AM (hour before my race) I ate one of my Pure Protein (35g) bars. I was also alternating all morning with water, a straight water & then a bottle with an electrolyte mix. Just before my race, I ate a Clifshot Gel. I also put one of these on my handlebars which I ate about 60 minutes into my race. Not the easiest or prettiest thing to do, but I feel it helped.

Heart Rate Monitor showed I averaged 160ish BPM with a peak of 185. Total burned calories was 2300. I know I'm doing something at least closer to "right", as my body doesn't feel totally destroyed today.

That's about all I can think of right now off the top of my head, while trying to get some paperwork sorted for some ISO fun we got going on at our shop. Time to get some work done.


PS - I got someone coming to look at the WR either Tuesday or Wednesday. As much as I hate to say it.....I think 4-stroke is the better race machine for myself.
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