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I have not had anyone write me a Pay check since 1988 when I worked for Berkshire Hathaway in Manhattan at that time Warren Buffet signed my Paycheck.

The Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Jacket is made in Italy.. The Italians have quite a reputation fro producing well made cloths that fit very well. The Belstaff Tourist Trophy Jacket tapers in very nicely and fits well with or without the belt and is cut to fit a Motorcyclist .. Italy makes a few motorcycles as well as Moto GP champions so none of this is new to them..

Belstaff and Barbour both make these wonderful historic Jackets.. Belstaff still sells it as a Motorcycle Jacket so it has to meet current PPE and CE codes.. Barbour sells it as a Historic Jacket so it does not need to meet the current standards.

As far as Price.. Barbour International Jacket New MAP price is $449 the liner is $98.. Total $547..

Belstaff is at $595 with new 3do Armour.. So for $48 you get Italian Manufacturing and finishing work, which most people seem to prefer and Real Armour made for today's world and the new PPE and CE standards of Protection.

I stil love my Barbour Jacket and we sell these as well if you are worried about my pay check..but the Belstaff is simply a better made more protective garment.. Come on out to the IMS show and do a side by side comparison for yourself.

I am not sure where AeroStitch comes into this.. This is a historic Jacket that is why people want them! History..Tradition and all that.. I don't recall Aerostitch being part of this history.. There are much more protective modern material out there that will take a high speed slide better.. Like Stretch Kevlar 1800 cycles to failure on pavement used by Wayne at MotoPort or 1000 Denier Cordura used by Belstaff and Rukka to name a few 1780 cycles to failure on pavement.. None of these people write me a pay check either.

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