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Originally Posted by Stixx View Post
Gawga boy here enjoying the reviews. I was upset to read about the new Honda coming out right after my purchase of the NOS Kawi 260 S model but after reading this I think I am about right to just keep if till it wears out. The KLX is about the way you describe the WR and because I AM smaller overall than you I think it fits similar to the way you described the CFR, because at five nine I don't feel that cramped but I can stand up on it fairly good. I'd probably like the height of the CFR better though but that is fixable cheap.

We have a gal who rides street with us on a CFR 230 L and has the motard set up . She is a tiny thing and even on it is tippy toed but was interested in the new 250. Because she weighs so little she can really haul with the CFR on the twistes in the hills down here and as such really has become one of the faster gals around . All that is just to suggest that weight of the bike is not everything , the total weight of the rider and bike is what counts and decides if you can ride these bikes on a big road and be satisfied. My KLX for instance with me on board is good for barely the highest speed limit around and that is wide open so I trailer it from the burbs in Atlanta up to the hills and ride DS up there with my pals on , sometimes larger scoots like the DZ 400, the bike BTW that I'd probably have bought if I could have reached the ground at all., LOL

Anyway it was a very USEFUL thread and thank you for your effort and patience with the detractors and I don't need add to that discussion as it is just typical today on forums.

Thanks again
Thank you. I understand what you are saying about the weight of the rider. This weekend my wife and I went out for a 50 mile ride on the back roads around the house. She would pull away from me on the straightaways. Her bike is down on power and heavier and I am a better rider but I was having a hard time keeping up with her until we hit the turns. She is loving the bike. I am loving the WR so all is good.

I have been riding both bikes and have over 1000 miles on the WR now. What a cool motorcycle. I ride about 15 miles a day off road on the WR and this thing is doing so good. It is starting to rev easier and the suspension is cycling better. I am able to move the bike well for it's weight I love it! The honda will never compare.
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