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Paul, the Aero came "into it" at the bottom of my first post when I suggested that it was superior to the Belstaff. You avoided comment on it originally. I do wish to thank you for your comment on the Aero jacket. I will of course grant that Aero was not a player in the old days. And of course there are jackets made which perform vastly superior to all the waxed cotton jackets on the market. But do understand that people still buy waxed cotton for its performance and the Aero is a more comfortable and more waterproof jacket than either of the lines you sell/promote.

I mentioned your paycheck to allow you to comment and affirm that you have a profit motivation in the jackets. Your little tizzy fit in regards to your paycheck was an entertaining tangent by the way. You see Paul, when folks understand that you have a profit motivation they can make a call in regards to the veracity of your comments. This of course does not mean that anyone would infer that you would be dishonest, but buyer beware and all that.

I mentioned the place of manufacture of the modern Belstaffs to allow you to affirm that they are indeed made in Italy. I thought you would have more of a stumle explaining or spinning it. You did well. I thought your defense of the Italian made jackets would be creative and interesting. Paul, you did not let me down in that regard.

Motorcycle shows: good luck with those and what an interesting pattern of inclusion of the shows in your comments. Are you part of promoting those shows as well? If not Paul then perhaps you might wish to consider that a hugely overwhelming majority of the ridres in the country do not find the shows a valuable use of their time. Do understand that many riders would rather ride than attend the show, Paul, although I understand they (the shows) are very informative and a great showcase of whats new in the motorcycle world. From your comments you do seem to sell much in the way of product at the shows.

You worked for Warren Buffett? And now you're selling motorcycle gear? Congrats, Hopefully you're able to take some of what you learned from Buffett (is that one or two 't's?) and build several empires to compliment your huge motorcycle gear company which you promote on a site which must serve as quite a valuable use of your time!
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