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The rest of day 10

And then we finally made it to the pass. Kerry stopped and we had a look around.

As there was no actual sign we weren’t quite sure whether we’d made the pass yet or not. We looked to the southeast and there was another switch back climbing up some nasty looking terrain.

Fortunately we didn’t need to get up there.

Here's a shot of my trusty steed the Mighty KLR all loaded up sitting on top of Engineer Pass. I really love riding with those highway pegs - on the highway, of course. It's a pretty cool feeling riding around on knobbies with your feet sticking out like those Hardley dudes. The Wolfman luggage we had bought for this trip worked out really well.

From the pass we dropped down to the right of the peak shown two pictures up and cruised a much more mellow road all the way down to Lake City. Guess I must have put the camera away for the day as I didn’t get any more shots.

We stopped in Lake City at a place called Southern Vitals for lunch. We had the BBQ pork nachos as an appetizer. We should have quit there as those nachos were a meal in themselves. Really, really good food. Highly recommend the place.

From Lake City it was up and over Slumgullion Pass and on down into Creed. The ride up the pass was a wet one but our Frog Togs kept us dry and plenty warm for this time of year. We took a few minor dirt road sections along the way but mostly we just cruised the highway. We stopped for a coffee in Creed and then rolled on towards South Fork. We did look for decent camping along the Rio Grande but found no spots to our liking. For those who don't know the hills we had just come through are the headwaters of the mighty Rio Grande river which flows from here all the way across Texas and into the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of my favorite places around and cruising highway 149 on any sort of bike is a must-do for any rider.

We kept going through South Fork and tried one of the campgrounds but the only spot left kinda sucked so we took our chances heading further back up into the hills towards Summetville. As it turns out we ended up camping in exactly the same spot we had camped at on night two right next to the stream. We were tired from the days ride and frankly we couldn't be bothered riding around looking for a better spot. This one was flat and was right next to a stream. Perfect.
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