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Originally Posted by Cruz View Post
Ricky and Alt, rode my XChallenge for 19000 klm and never needed a sixth gear. The wide spread of the 5 speed and the power and torque characteristics of the motor covered everything from hard off road to highway. If you were to do a lot of highway then a 1 tooth up on the front sprocket was all that was needed.

I would think that the extra power and torque in the Husky would make the 5 speed even more adaptable, will just need to see if they fitted a steel gear shift lever unlike the alloy one on the BMW.

I appreciate that Cruz and the truth is, my common riding situation is probably pretty unique. The Malaysian jungles I love to ride in are some of the slowest riding on the planet. I'm one of the faster guys here and when I look at the "overall moving average" stat on my gps, its often around 18 kilometers per hour! (Really I'm not a slow fart - in Baja California it's closer to 150 k/hr.)

On the same ride I'll often be on our north south hiway which is a perfect freeway and has a 110 k/hr "suggestion" but not enforced. It's nice to be able to drone along at 150 k/hr without reving the engine!

All I'm saying, is if it was "doable" to add a 6th, and keep the engine mounting points the same that would be an awesome engine! I don't know if my thinking is accurate by my thoughts would be:

You'd have tons of support for the engine in that for most breakdowns you could probably use parts from the Aprilia Pegaso (super common here) or other BMW 650's.

10 more hp is certainly good!

400 watt alternator vs the X challenges 250?

I'd probably build up an Xchallenge around that engine if it had a 6th and proved reliable. Call it the best 600cc adventure bike entraint!
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