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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
You are back from vacation, welcome, now go away. I don't know how I became a zealot after just buying my first BMW in 45 years of riding, but coming from you it must be true. I have owned the bike for 4 years now. The first year was full of problems, but the last 3 faultless. Lucky the BMW has a 3 year warranty.

That's the problem you see, you are privy to so many "facts" that are just not verifiable. I don't have dealers telling me the bikes are crap or high level inside people confiding in the lack of quality. I know you rely on Internet complaints, but you won't quantify the number, nor separate who has a problem vs who is just talking about it. You throw out percentages of problem bikes but no source. If you are privy to that info, tell me how many F800gs have been made to date.

The F800gs are not made in China, but they might be someday. KTM may be made in India since 39% of its stock was bought by a scooter company.
Triumph and Kawasaki has factories in Thailand. GM has factories in Mexico. So what is your point, the world is getting smaller.

BMW has sunk to new lows? Well the early ones were made in Germany. Are they really superior to today's products? Nothing like a 50-70 hp bike, with questionable electronics, spindly forks, weak frames and crap suspension to use as a hall mark. Engines run for ever. So does my 1952 Ford 8n tractor.

Just to clarify for you. The plastics are made in Taiwan, the wheels are by Behr(Germany), just like the ones on the KTM950. The electronics, injectors, fuel pumps by Bosch in Hungary. The engine by Rotax in Austria. If you look, you will see those are all large corporations with plants all over the world.

Canbus and the electronics seem complex on a bike, but much more complicated in any new car. I can't fix it with a screw driver, but I know my new vehicles are relatively trouble free and last longer.

I fixed the substandard suspension on my bike for less than buying a KTM and think it near as good. I quit bending rims when I added some free air. I never bent a shock bolt and don't think you will, unless you go aftermarket or bottom the shock on a routine basis. I am even on the original bearings. Suprising what a little grease does.

Now tell me what went wrong with your BMW? I forgot, you do not own one. Ok how about that DR 650? Is your cylinder leaking oil, 3rd gear blow up yet?

When you start naming names, showing production numbers, producing warranty fix numbers, I will listen to you. In the meantime go back under your bridge.
You are my hero! If one day I ride near Columbia, remember me to buy you a beer!
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