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Originally Posted by disston View Post

You give five options for voting in the poll but I think you left one out. I like to keep the stock points but include an electronic box. This makes the points system an electronic system but uses the points as the timing part of the system. This also keeps the mechanical advance unit. So if (and there always is) a problem on the road the parts to convert back to the stock points and condenser are still on the bike, still in place, just require moving a couple of wires and the electronic box is by passed. You are back on the road in 5 mins.

I guess I could vote for the last option,
arrrrggghhh.... flat forgot to include last option of ignition booster. which adds a solid state relay while retaining points as triggering device.

which may be the best compromise as Disston pointed out. one simply disconnects booster and go back to points. if ever there's a failure and/or suspected failure.

but let's examine what we are protecting points from by adding an ignition booster.

a normal coil draws about 2.5amps. then depending on rpm will draw about 2.2 to 1.2 amps. replacing stock coil with a high performance coil raises current draw to about 4amp. but actual current while running will stay the same assuming engine is running properly. coil will only use enough current to jump spark plug gap.

contact surface area on a set of Bosch points is relatively large resulting in a robust electrical switch that's capable of supporting a much larger load than the actual 4 amp or so delivered.

failure mode for points are normally from rubbing block wearing and/or from using a condenser with incorrect values. resulting in a badly burned set of points and/or gap closes.

actual condenser failures are rare, have never personally seen one. to test use a quality meter like Fluke 87V with capacitor test capability to measure micro farad.

so if you've got a set of points that's running great with almost no transfer of metal from top to bottom contacts of points. during tuneups replace points but leave the old condenser alone. stick the new condenser along with a spare set of points in your tool bag for spare parts.

if a set of points has run many, many miles and still looks like new with little to no arc damage. then you've got a condenser with correct values. some folks like me will carefully dab the tiniest amount of high temp lube on rubbing block. dress points, adjust gap and timing, then run for another 15k+ miles before checking again.

Bosch points quality has gone downhill. best quality points I've been able to find are genuine Bosch points part # 01 030 preferably from new old stock. look carefully for where points are made. pkg below was made in Spain.

For BMW Beancan with points ask for points for a 72 VW bug or most desirable a genuine tiger stripe set of points for high performance 009 Distributor. # 01 030 points with tiger stripe have stronger spring tension for higher RPM without bouncing. about $15 retail

condenser tests out fine at .197 micro farad

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