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Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata View Post
>That night, I sleep in a former bordello on Stewart's main drag. The floors and stairs are creaky hardwood and it's not hard to imagine the antics that took place here decades ago.

Pioneer Hostel - Prince Rupert, BC<

See or experience any "Spirits" in that place?
BTW, Very cool thread, well done!
Hey, PersonaNonGrata, thanks for following along. I didn't sense any spirits in Stewart or Prince Rupert, but I'm not very attuned in that way either. One place I did feel a sense of unworldliness was in Dyea, outside Skagway. Probably because the calm and quiet of that place is such a stark contrast to what the scene was a century and more ago, and the bits and pieces of the old town you stumble on are pretty eerie.

If you're in to hunting spirits, I'd say there are a lot of likely spots in old mining towns scattered around the Yukon and Alaska. Go check it out!

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Hey selkins! Thanks the heads-up link to your RR, subscribed, bookmarked, and eagerly awaiting more!
Thanks, Kelly. I like those shots - maybe I should make a theme of being partially obscured! I hope your's and Brandi's later ride went well.
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