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I think most of us on here don't mind the minimal maintenance required by points, and it certainly is nice to be able to look at something and diagnose what's causing an ignition issue. Similarly, most of us have heard of or experienced electronic ignition failures.

That said, a fair number of points airheads experience issues relating to wear and misalignment of ignition components that aren't easily fixed - like worn mechanical advance units, or bent camshaft noses. This happened to me.

So I was researching electronic ignition units, and we should note that there are some major differences between units. Like how the advance is handled, whether it can be adjusted, where the pickup is mounted (crankshaft or camshaft), and what sort of pickup (hall / photo gate). I ended up ordering a Sachse ignition from Germany (similar to Silent Hektik, and Sachse makes Enduralast's ignitions) for several reasons.. first, it mounts on the crankshaft, so issues with the timing chain or camshaft nose won't affect timing, and it allows me to keep my points in place as a backup. Second, it is photo gate triggered, which seems desirable to be because I often hear of hall sensors failing, though that could just be because there are more hall sensors out there. Advance is handled electronically, and there are a bunch of curves to choose from.

I'll report back when I get it mounted up. But I should say that if I weren't having issues with my points, I wouldn't have bought it.
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