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Back to the mountains! More tacky trails and overcast skies await.

Eastern Nevada is beautiful! There's National Forests, craggy mountains, water, trees...just like how you imagine planet Earth. This was going to change in a quick hurry, but for today we were loving it.

Toward the end of the day we came into this old abandoned mining camp. The old buildings and equipment were pretty cool to check out. The relatively new pole barn was a bit eery, though. It was still full of remnants of its use but was well on it's way to decay. The old mattress inside looked like a good place to camp, but John wouldn't even go in.

I guess this is better. We found a proper campsite for the night, had a fire and turned in.

Against all odds, this was my favorite day of the whole trip. Nobody seems to have much good to say about Nevada, but the central eastern portion was really fun. Granted, a lot of it had to do with the weather we got, so your results may vary, but there is some amazing scenery and very fun riding to be had in this part of the state. Just watch out for fat Napoleon.

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