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Man no one is ever happy! This thread is just a larger CC repeat of the new Honda 250 thread. Everyone wants a KTM, but they want it for 5g and then never want to do anything but change the oil and they only want to do that every 10,000 miles.

I think this bike is great and I can’t wait to see one in person. It has a seat height that I and everyone else under 6ft can handle and is under ten grand. It has USD forks from the factory so the 1% who really rip and tear can upgrade much easier. I see this and the new Honda 250 in my garage in the next year or so and I bet in a lot of other peoples as well. I love my Dakar and this seems like a logical transition from it to a new bike. hell if they would have kept the factory low option on the 250 husky i might have one of them instead of the honda!
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