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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
Are we at it again?

I reckon BMW owners are suckers for punishment.

All the ones I've met...on the side of the road awaiting assistance mainly...have been happy to discuss the failures and breakdowns they've suffered. It's like a right of passage for BMW ownership. Stopping to assist fellow owners is almost like "road side assistance" BMW style.

As long as you don't stir the pot too much...or take too many compromising pictures.

They get all testy and righteous if you do that. Regardless of how far you pushed their bike up that hill. (to be honest - I only helped push because there was a cliff up that way that I thought we'd push it over...imagine my surprie when he tried to clutch it).

Go figure? Must be the "sense of entitlement" thingy again.
Why quit now this is fun. I was riding and complaining about my bike before you joined ADV, so you probably missed it. My first complaints were about suspension. I hated riding it in my little "Park" I complained to the dealer who offered to adjust it for me and then BMW motorrad who responded with a condescending letter.

I had the forks apart a dozen times in the first year and finally just went aftermarket and replaced the innards. I bitched about the cost of that too. The bikes are compared to KTM and then I realized, maybe they had better suspension because they cost $3,000 more than what I paid for mine. So I changed it. Not as costly as the price difference and works fairly well.

I bent my front rim in Death Valley. They are soft, so it was easy to sort of straighten them. I then wondered, why am I riding a 500lb bike with air pressures more suitable on a bike weighing half that? At 28psi I have not bent another. Just as important, running those pressures had no effect in the bikes ability off road.

I did not like the abrupt throttle, made worse by the tall first gear. The gearing is straight out of the street version. I tried the 15 tooth sprocket and settled on a G-2 throttle tube and an accelerator module. I also realized it was kind of silly to try to run rocky single track on a 500lb bike when I had another that was more suitable.

I did not like the top shock mount, so I added a brace because everyone else did. Then I noticed there were not as many bent ones as I thought and the majority that occurred were aftermarket. They changed from a stock shock with a single steel bushing plus a steel spacer to one that had 2 aluminum spacers and a bearing. They made it worse and needed a stronger system.

Even with the recalls and upgrades in the first year, the bike never left me stranded.

I finally determined that I had some choices. I could sell it and buy something "better", though I had no idea what it would be, fix it, or I could do nothing and bitch about it on ADV.

Since I have modded most every bike I have owned, what made this bike any different, other than the Internet?. I did not complain about doing a big bore, adding a fuel tank and doing a suspension upgrade on my KLX.

Long story short, I have done a lot of mods on my F800gs. On the cheap where I could. For such a big heavy bike, it does amazingly well and on the right terrain will leave my KLX in the dust.

I am not married to this bike, if something comes along, I think is better I will buy it, (are you listening BMW?). The KTM is a fine bike that had its own problems in the beginning. It is too tall and heavy for this old man. The Triumph has a smooth engine, that will not hook up well in loose terrain and steering geometry found on street bikes.

What I do not understand, is why some people's purpose in life is to dissuade others from buying this bike. Telling some one your experiences is one thing, but some vague bashing, posting other peoples "Internet opinions", pulling "facts" out of the air and then accusing people who not agree with you, belonging to some BMW cult is another.
BMW Motorrad USA customer service: "We make superior motorcycles and continue to improve them."

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