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I think this fits more in the DR/KLR zone, except with more HP.
Wow, I hope so! I've had my KLR is some tight places but it has a real suspension on it. My thought was to add more horsepower to my KLR after I dropped the weight down to manageable number. I was just getting ready to start that project. Then, the Husky TR650 showed up. Gettting 58 hp out of a KLR engine is next to impossible and I was going to have to step up to another engine (Versys) to get what I wanted. This seems like such a better deal overall, that I just need to go get one. Can't wait for October. I'll probably still build the KLRE650 at some point but I'll take my time with it.

The Husky TR is on my shortlist. I'll be getting it as a Christmas present to myself. Like everyone else, I too think that it's heavy, but I feel that can be dealt with easy enough. If this bike is truely meant to compete for KLR and DR sales, then the aftermarket will set up and offer some cool stuff for it. The bike needs to sell, to get that ball rolling.
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