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Originally Posted by villageidiot View Post
if your'e going to do one, you might as well do both
Yeah, i thought about that...

Originally Posted by villageidiot View Post
give wheel works in garden grove a shout, they do good work, are an hour and a half closer to ya than buchannans, and can get all the same shit
Thanks for the tip! Their website is horrible - I'll try to give them a call for some numbers...

Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
My take? I think they're playing games. Especially suspicious am I, since they've already cut you a check. Much as I am really loathe to suggest this, it may be time to check with a lawyer _with experience_ on this. A consult should cost nothing. And even if you do have to pony up and hire a mouthpiece, he'll make sure it's worth it.
They didn't cut me a check yet, I was just told that they would. From what I understand after talking to my agent (who is also my cousin-in-law), all they want to do is compare the parts list from the shop to the bike and make sure it matches. While they may still try to screw me, i don't think it's happening yet;) I will remain vigilant!
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