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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Cy is figuring his amperage from 12 volts. Points drop the voltage to around 9 volts. That's how electronic has a stronger spark and why you need a stronger battery for the ignition to even work with electronic. Points work with a very weak battery. Electronic not nearly so much. Surely a lot of readers have found that out the hard way? It's common knowledge about electronic needing a stronger battery. The points using less voltage is the reason why.

Electronic is way more reliable and has a hotter and more accurate spark. If I was worried about repairability on the side of the road, I would get an aftermarket electronic unit that has a hall effect that is easier to change than the BMW bean can. Change points on the side of the road? Why not change your hall effects sensor on the side of the road? The hardest part of repairing an aftermarket can on the side of the road will be remembering where you stashed your hall effect sensor 15 years back.

A lot of modern electronic ignition can work way below 12 volts. Depending on the setup, the actual triggering (via Mosfets) and electronics (timing) should likely work to around 6 volts.
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