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Sure aftermarket electronic ignitions fail just as often. They use the exact same technology as the bean can plus some more in the electronic advance (I prefer the mechanical advance for tuning). They might fail more often for that for all I know?

Do you notice all the people having issues with their points? Besides, in my experience all these 'bad' electronic ignitions aren't actually bad. I have used and sold quite a few 'bad' bean cans that other mechanics took off bikes. All with how I got them right up front and a year warranty. I know it involves some luck but I never had one come back on me. I tested them but still . . . . 100% markup for me and great deals for whoever bought them. I think I sold six or seven of them like that for $50 each? Of all the hall effect sensors I have seen go bad (the mechanical advance is about as rock solid as you can get despite all the BS sayng otherwise), I have seen tons more problems with points. When I was real little I use to ride two strokes with points. Talk about a weak link! Points on two strokes are twice the trouble and half the performance. They don't turn at half speed on a two stroke. Man what a difference CDI makes on a two stroke!! Night and day! Like I always say (because it is true), every time I work on a bike with points that isn't running right, the points are the first thing I look at because a good part of the time that is what is wrong with them. It's a huge time saver! I have got 44 years experience riding motorcycles and almost 40 years experience working on them. I wouldn't put points in a bike that had electronc. I like riding too much!

Don't blame electronic ignitions for not knowing how to work with them.

Electronic ignitions fail on other machines too. You just don't hear about it. I have seen it many times over.

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