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I beat the shit out of my 96. So did the guy before me and so is the guy who has it now.
The original owner did a Piston, rings, bearings etc. Probably 10 years ago?
The rest of us put Quality 2T mix in it at 50:1 and ride the piss out of it. I had the rear shock rebuilt. The fork seals need replacing now. The bike is ridden year round. Dirt and ice. It could probably use a set of rings and a piston, but it starts and runs strong as is. Great woods bike with low down lugging torque and ripping top end. (for the year)
Problem..... The stator etc. DO NOT LIKE TO BE WET! Make sure you seal the crap out of the clutch cable near the stator. If it gets wet, remove cover and dry it well. It will spit and foul the plug if you run through rivers etc a lot.

I have a 2000 300 EXC now. It has a bit more go and not the water issue. Other than that, my old bike plays right with new stuff out on the trails.
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