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Day 1: Arlington, VA > Arlington, VT

Friday finally arrives. Think I'll ride to Canada. The humid morning air doesn't seem too bad considering where I'll be by the day's end. The bike was packed the night before and I'm sure I have everything on my list. After a quick shower and a check of the weather (clear all day!) I push the bike out of the garage.

Goodbye 73' Spitfire, see you in a few weeks.

I pull Meine Frau out of the garage and set off to meet Beard off the GW Parkway along the Potomac River.

We take I-270 up to Frederick, MD then hop on 15 past Gettysburg and some other familiar locales before crossing the Susquehana River. Always intrigued by the bridges here.

I picked out a route passing through PA Coal Country since Beard hadn't ridden here before. The towns are past their prime but still holding on like much of Appalachia.

The homes in Jim Thorpe, PA reflect the homogenous construction along the twisty valley roads.

Beard and I chill for a bit in the middle of PA waiting for some road work. "Hey! What do you think about stopping?"

Yeah...I sorta plotted this route on purpose. Hey! It's on the way right?

Here's how I look when I'm color

This town sucks! Matt and I kept cracking jokes about Coxsackie for days

We worked our way up from central PA toward NY on I84 to I87. Slabbing it can get old really fast, it can also get you there really fast. Our destination was somewhere in the Green Mountains National Forest in Vermont. Travelling into NY and then Vermont, the plant species, shape of the hills and height of the trees starts to look less familiar to these Virginia eyes. Birch trees and firs begin to stand out along the roadside.

As we exited the highway near Bennington, VT the sky darkened. It was clearly raining all around us but in a weak moment we decided not to stop and put on rain gear. I don't really do the rain gear thing unless it will be torrential, guaranteeing dreaded Stich' Crotch Leak. Beard turns into a Chia pet and must keep dry or the consequences will be insurmountable.

It rained for about 20 minutes but was steady. I was a little damp but not too shabby. When I saw a sign for Arlington, VT, I figured it was as good a place as any to stop for dinner. Wet and dark woods are lovely for sleeping but cooking dinner or coaxing a fire they are not.

We pulled in to this little family restaurant named Chauncey's.

Step 1 after 470 wonderful miles: Beer.


The waitress offered the pie selection but we were both too full and opted for a cup of coffee and tea.

Holding the warm mug close to my wrinkled fingers felt great. Beard and I relaxed with warm bellies and discussed the roads we traveled and Mt. Washington planned for tomorrow. At some point, Beard mentions the border crossing at Calais, ME in two days. "Got my ID and Passport Ready and in a waterproof pouch."

My ears get hot, my heart races and the blood drains from my face as it slowly sinks in. My passport is on my desk at home in Virginia.

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