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Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
Uh, haven't seen this mentioned, but points are set imprecisely by feel....don't points as they wear change the timing of the bike as dwell angle changes???? I used to use a feeler gauge get the gap close then adjust further to get the correct dwell angle. At least when messing with Austin Healey's and 240Z's.
Not sure if there is a dwell meter for a two cylinder. Seems electronic ignition would hold timing more consistent.
only time I set by feel is during an emergency when a feeler gauge is not available.

cannot overstate importance of using a tiny dab of high temp grease. usually will set points 2-3 thousands over spec to give allowance for wear.

then static time, followed by timing light. dwell is 1/2 of 4 cylinder setting. have never seen two cylinder setting for a dwell meter.

yes electronic ignition holds timing more consistent but not by much.
a properly setup points system will need very little attention for 25k+ miles. ran the same set of points and condenser in my 1956 Austin Healey 100-4 BN2 for 40k+ miles. it's got that same set when I parked her years ago.

points will always get you home if you carry spares and are mechancally competant.
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