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There's a cult....oh they sell t-shirts....I wont drink the punch though. That's bad...right?

I'm just sayin that there's a lot of BMW owners out there who think of ownership as some sort of trial. They love their bike, and when you point out that every trip you've done together has resulted in roadside repairs, flat batteries, burned out charging systems etc...they laugh it off.

But take one stinking photo....oh no you didn''s no longer funny.

They're a weird mob.

I note, that throughout the period where I've "hated" mine and been nasty to it, it hasn't broken anything. The worse I treat it the more fun it is. Doesn't mean I hate it less. The second I let my guard down it'll shit itself for sure.

The front rim has a new buckle every single ride, but that's a given. It's soft enough that most will hammer completely out with a good soft faced pyro hammer. (that's the tie in with the thread title - see, I think of everything).
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