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Thru The Maritimes

Trouble with doing these ride reports is the farther out in the Boonies you get, the worse (most times) the wifi is. And when you are camping, availability is even less. Oddly, one site in PEI had me sitting at my picnic table connected. Unfortunately, the skitters shut that operation down pretty quick.
But since the aquatic wildlife sighting here's a quick update.
Leaving the Gaspe' I crossed the bridge into New Brunswick.

The ride down to this bridge had the inlet thinning and thinning for what seemed an eternity till I finally crossed to start the widening process up the other side. Exemplary weather and great shoreline roads made for very enjoyable riding.
I can't say what park it was that I came across this gal and her buddies hard at work because I have been sworn to secrecy.

Had to laugh because I had the Itunes on, and random selections at that and just after I went past Eric Clapton came up with one of his more obscure tunes, Let It Grow.
Took the big bridge over to PEI

and proceeded to ride the island. I now know it takes a full day to do PEI. I figured every photo that needs to be takenn of this place has already been done so I'll leave most out. One this that caught my eye was this display.

Had an opportunity to go for a ride in one of these babies way back about a hundred years ago when I was an air cadet and the memories came flooding back.
Impressive sunsets there.

Great campsite

Where I met and had good talks with Andrew (Antennas)

Then it was on to here

I mean what can I say about this place that has not already been said?


Best in the East, I'd have to say.
Then, enjoying the shit out of myself, it was coming down to the eastern side at this point

that Big Girl decided to play with my head. Don't know if she was just getting a little jealous (remember, hot blooded Italian here) or she was just playing with me but I looked down at the gauge readout to see a bright red warning triangle and a big SERVICE written across the readout. I slowed down and thought OMG, not here! I mean, service? You've got to be kidding! Oddly, after five minutes, the warning went away. She proceeded to run fine and that was that. I checked the manual and a reference to this warning said, more or less, don't worry about it. Italians!
Camping up high with a great view.

And then leaving the Cabot Trail behind

Some great coastal riding took me to Louisbourg and life among the RVs

Lovely little tourist spot

But campers be warned. Even tho it really wasn't that cold, the moisture and dew off the water had me with even my nose covered to keep warm. Staying away from waters edge in northern climes is a lesson learned for me. Down south, I'll probably love it.
The next day had me riding some incredibly bumpy roads

I mean, the cracks in this road had grass growing out of them! To the ferry crossing where the road improved to Sherbrook where I holed up for the night. Today it is on to Halifax where I hope to meet my friend Peter, from BC who is here on business.
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