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The basic design is great and it looks like BMW have taken care of some of the issues, time will tell.
The ABS is very, very good and it will save you.
The heated grips are something I thought were ridiculous until the first time I used them at around 0c.
The onboard computer is ok, the tire pressure monitor is handy and about as accurate as you'll find any guage to be.
You'll find parts and service more expensive than the Bandit.
If you are on a Suzuki, have you tried a V-Strom 650? Surprisingly good bike for the money.
I have an 09 650 and I can tell you, having seen the F700, they have made the windshield worse (I actually thought that was not possible) and the seat is the same POS it was before.
If you buy one, get a decent windshield, an Airhawk for the seat, a guard or some sort for the headlight and also for the oil filter and heat exhanger, that will run you about $500 or so.
If you opt for the F700, you will be very surprised at how capable the bike is on dirt roads and rough surfaces.
Ride the Suzuki and the F700 back to back, take a look at the savings with the Suzuki and what it will buy you in accessories and then make your choice.
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