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Is that circuit board going to be covered in "goo"/expoxy like every other automotive computer? Otherwise it will have a very short life span. The solder joints form an oxidation material between each other and will eventually short out chips, bypass those surface mount resistors, and be useless.

I have a Fuzeblock, and it uses a circuit board, and I routely have to clean the green copper and silver oxides off the board, and it doesn't have have the delicate items that that rendering has. I always wondered why silicon boards automotive computers and simple item like rectifiers were coated in gunk, before I got a Fuzeblock. Theres no weather seals in motorcycles like you have in a car's interior, things get moist when you reach the dew point. Even in El Paso. Panniers also don't have purge valves usually, so that water vapors hangs out in them. Pelican mounting would work, but be bulky.
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