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Baie St-Paul, Quebec.

Gulf of St Lawrence in low tide.

Moose Chairs.

Our bikes against the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Massive turbine at the Manicouagan 2 dam/hydroelectric plant.

Huge field of transformers en route to the Manicouagan 5 dam.

Magali cooking some freeze dried chicken gumbo by our motel room after a long day's ride.

Manicouagan 5 dam is an arch and buttress dam. Here is a view from up close of one of the arches.

View from the top of the dam.

Here is the Manicouagan 5 dam. It's very large.

The Quebec 389 north is about 2/3 unpaved past Manicouagan 5. The gravel begins and so does the epic scenery and sense of complete remoteness.

Our bikes crossing over a mining railway on the 389.

This train is being loaded up for processing.

We have reached Labrador through Quebec successfully!

The black spruce trees here are beautiful and scrubby looking. There is an almost unlimited amount of them as far as you can see in Labrador.

Crossing over the Valley River past Churchill Falls.

Muskrat falls about 20 miles west of Happy Valley-Goose Bay. In less than 2 years this will be all dammed up.

The road just outside of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is in fantastic condition and is absolutely gorgeous. This part of Labrador is all scrubby trees on top of huge sand dunes. It's wild, very remote and incredible.

Sunset outside of Port Hope-Simpson, Labrador.

The coastal highlands of Labrador. Cue the music from Braveheart. Pictures cannot do this place justice. The riding here was very difficult. They had freshly graded the road with the sand/gravel mixture that makes your bike skate all over the place (it's like marbles on top of sand). The road twists and turns through hills with incredible open ocean crosswinds and there is traffic everywhere raising dust that can blind you for 30 seconds. While the scenery was incredible, it felt even better to complete the gravel section of the trans-Labrador highway which must have been approximately 1200kms of gravel along a 1417km leg from Manicouagan 5.

Cliffs on the coast of Labrador.

Lighthouse at L'Anse L'Amour, Labrador.

Fishing boats by the ferry dock in Blanc-Sablon, Quebec.

The new day of riding was mostly overcast and periodically rainy, but we found some nice scenery on the way from St Barbe to Gros Morne National Park.

The arches provincial park in Newfoundland.

We took a boat tour of Western Brook Pond in Gros Morne national park. This trail leads to the boat.

This is the view inside of Western Brook Pond.

Rock face in Western Brook Pond.

Pissing Mare Falls at the end of Western Brook Pond. What a silly name for such a grand place.

With the absence of any significant source of lights, the stars out in the park are pretty visible on a clear night.
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