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Round 2! Durango Hospital

Day three was a little more rainy and dramatic! A storm had rolled in but we decided to ride anyway. The five of us rode some trails near Vallecito Lake, around the 8k-10k elevation range. The fog was thick, the ground was damp, and most of us desert dwellers doned our rain jackets. The ground was very saturated and of course the roots and rocks were slick. We all did good making it up some tighter technical trails(810c).

contemplating what to do in the weather:

"Should we turn around or go forward?" Dan says to me. "Forward mate!"

Two of the guys in our group had to rush back to PHX that day so we cut the ride short and were all headed back to the trucks....when disaster struck!
With about a mile to go on easy singletrack back to the road, our buddy Randy had a little incident with a tree. He went off a small jump and landed fine....but a slick tree branch caught his tire and he 'supermaned' into a sharp fallen tree....stabbing himself in the gut!

scene of the accident:

tree that stabbed him: (see the blood?)

Luckily our buddy from behind caught the entire incident on tape: (crash happens @ 1:20)
"we were just cruising along at an easy pace back to the trucks! we'd already ridden on the hard stuff" lol

We were all surprised how big and deep the stab wound was in Randy's side. After we sat him down we all worked quick to bandage the wound. I used my jersey to wrap a tight tourniquet around his waste and we put a clean cloth on the wound to stop any bleeding (it really didn't bleed much in the first 20-30min after the accident). His bike also wedged into a fallent tree...the front wheel/fender had a dead tree wedged up in his fork legs. Took 3 of us to get it free. After about 10 minutes of calmly assessing our situation(no cell reception, 9 miles back to the truck w/1 mile of easy ST, continuing rains), Randy stands up and is determined to ride his bike down the hill. We straighten his bars and help him throw a leg over his Yamaha 426...which is a beast to kick! One of us clicks it in gear for him (he can't raise his left foot) and away we went! We all safely made it back to the trucks...approx 30 min later...and we got Randy in the truck and headed down to the hospital. He did great riding down and didn't get woozy or lightheaded...until he got to the hospital (he was starting to fade pretty hard). The ER nurses didn't take his injury seriously....until he lifted up his shirt and showed them the gash wound....which was starting to splurt out blood! Needless to say 3 nurses swarmed him and he got immediate medical treatment and bypassed all the other ER Room Fakers!

Randy with his wound, his dressings, and some drain tubes to clear any fluid:
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