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We were all bummed to see Randy get hurt. We thought the doc might release him the next day but that didn't happen. My buddy Kyle and I hung around Durango for an extra day thinking he would get released....but a small fever developed and they were woried about infection, etc (the fever ended up being from a tetnis shot they gave him).

Sitting around helplessly waiting to hear about your buddy in a hospital sucks.

Instead of sitting around pouting about Randy's predicament....Kyle and I decided to go ride more epic trails!

Another friend had suggested we ride from town up past Hermosa and connect with a 4x4 Jeep route that takes you up to Flagstaff-Pinkerton trail. I forgot the name of this road, but it is 3.1 miles past the Conoco Gas station @ Hermosa. The 4x4 road had a tunnel back under the 550hwy and was legit as it pointed up the mtn! I think we climbed 3-4 miles up a loose rocky ledgy primitive road. The Flag-Pinkerton trail at the top did not dissappoint! Awesome views, great singletrack, lots of different scenery to reward us from the climb.

Kyle on top of the ridge(views on both sides!):

We stopped to share some near-beer and give a toast to our fallen friend: 'This one's for you Randy!'

This section of trail was probably my favorite, as we scooted across the top of a ridge and dropped down to Hermosa:

Hopefully this video does it some justice. I got part of the climb to the top and then most of the trail/ridge/downhill. Kyle had a small crash at the end. Five days of riding a Beta 525 will do that to a guy.

There is already talk of going back soon to grab the 'tree' for Randy so he can mount it on his wall...or something. He ended up staying in the hospital a few more days to heal up and then took a flight home and is healing great.
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