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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
used to sell a ton of replacement electronic ignitions with optic sensor/triggers for British sports cars. this was 15+ years ago, so they've been around a day or two. Lucas was referred to as the prince of darkness. their electronics were junk.

back on topic... starting to wonder if all the electronic ignition failures on airheads are due from being located under front cover?

like it or not ... airheads has a higher than normal electronic ignition failures. this includes BMW and aftermarket electronic ignitions both. so failures cannot be tied to one particular brand.

naturally as a mechanic, you would probably like it ... as electronic ignition failure brings consistent business.

by the way don't be so smug to think other folks don't also know how to work on electronic ignitions. got a full electronics lab at home and have been interested in circuit board design for quite some time. it's been while, but have done a boat load of surface mounted technology repair work on circuit boards using micro sized components.

Airheads have a higher than normal electronic ignition failures? Do you have any expereince with other brands?? It sure doesn't sound like it.

Electronic ignition failures bring constant business? Not in my business or any other BMW business I have worked at.

I am not being smug. I am trying to help. Your facts and figures here on ADVR are often just not so. Same with your failure analysis which is just guessing for all of us but your guessing shows a huge lack of experience. Be careful with that scope. Something about them seems to render their operator's minds incapable of fixing things without replacing entire setups versus fixing the problem. I have seen this work out numerous times in my days. It looks like maybe I am seeing it again. Again, I am just trying to help. IF the aftermarket cans have a much easier to replace hall effects sensor, it's going to be easier to replace a hall effects sensor on the side of the road than set up a set of points. In the odd chance that it ever needs replacing.
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