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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Airheads have a higher than normal electronic ignition failures? Do you have any expereince with other brands?? It sure doesn't sound like it.

Electronic ignition failures bring constant business? Not in my business or any other BMW business I have worked at.

I am not being smug. I am trying to help. Your facts and figures here on ADVR are often just not so. Same with your failure analysis which is just guessing for all of us but your guessing shows a huge lack of experience. Be careful with that scope. Something about them seems to render their operator's minds incapable of fixing things without replacing entire setups versus fixing the problem. I have seen this work out numerous times in my days. It looks like maybe I am seeing it again. Again, I am just trying to help. IF the aftermarket cans have a much easier to replace hall effects sensor, it's going to be easier to replace a hall effects sensor on the side of the road than set up a set of points. In the odd chance that it ever needs replacing.
perhaps you should read the post before replying. plainly stated that I sold a ton of electronic ignitions. reflecting back in excess of 200+ units. out of that number sold, had less than 1-2 units actually fail. this included trouble shooting a butt-load of customers having problems that ended up something else.

then earlier posted a picture of my electronics lab, briefly noted experience with circuit board design/repairs using surface mounted tech using parts size of grains of rice.

now does this sound like I've got no experience with electronic ignitions?

evidently you've seen your fair share of airhead electronic ignition problems based on your statements of selling lots of beancans that turned out to be good.

my failure analysis is based on reports of Airhead ignition failures on Adv and multiple other places. when I see one or two report of failure of any kind. what I assume is they are isolated instances. how ever when I see multiple instances of documented failures over and over. then I've got to assume there is a problem.

right or wrong... it's my observation that there are more instances of reported electronic ignition failure on Airheads than any where else.

you may declare that all airhead electronic ignition are super reliable. but that doesn't change the fact that all sorts of folks had problems. some on side of the road in the middle of no-where ... like say Mongolia..

again... don't be so smug to think you are the only one that's capable of diagnosing electronic ignition issues. perhaps it's you that should be open to something new. since it's obvious from post above, you've never heard of electronic ignitions uses optical sensors. when in fact they've been around for quite sometime.

if I remember correctly, in another thread, you also thought there's a resistor built into a set of points. when in fact there is none..

don't get me wrong... totally respect your extensive Airhead experience. But NO one can know everything!

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