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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
Experience? I meant at repairing motorcycles. It still doesn't sound like you have very much.

It is hard to get a point across. My fair share of selling bean can problems that in fact were not a problem? And how is that a lot of expereince with bean can problems? Sorry but my point is just the opposite.

I know how you got your failure analysis. I have known many just like you. I couldn't tell you how many different stories that are basically the same regarding failure analysis. I have worked next to MANY a mechanic that see's a problem once, sometimes even twice, and then goes on about it like it happens all the time. They are the same type that strips threads on a semi regular basis and then blames everything but himself. It's almost as if you think the results of this pole matter? A properly conducted pole is iffy enough. It's great that you think airheads have more troubles but that doesn't make it a fact. I MAY declair that BMW airhead electronic ignitions are super reliable but in fact I NEVER have. I am quite confident in declairing that they are considerably more reliable than points but that isn't saying much.

I have never even remotely thought that I am the only one that can diagnose electronic ignition troubles. Open to something new?? Points are NOT new. Optical sensors? We are talking about BMW motorcycles and motorcycles in general. Why bring it up? Does any motorcylce use that tech?

You didn't perform the proper test on those points. Do you have a meg ohmer? A voltage drop would do just as well. Surely you have googled exactly what I was saying. I googled the topic after I wrote that and found exactly what I have been reading on the subject for over three decades.

Anyone that knows more than you isn't a know it all. That is unless you are one yourself. One thing is for sure! It makes learning a lot harder when you already know everything. It's just about impossible really. As for myself, I get corrected here on ADVR all the time and have graciously said a heart felt thank you numerous times over.
there ya go assuming crap again... how do you know how much experience I have wrenching motorcycles? and what kind of equipment I have? try looking in the mirror to see someone that's hard to get a point across ...

like a lot of items, you are dead wrong on me not having a megohmeter... got several .. fav is a Fluke 1520. just like you were dead wrong on me not knowing electronics, when in fact I've got a deep electronics background with the equipment to back it up.

check out my LiFePO4 battery testing thread on Adv
that drills in parameters of what makes lithium iron phosphate battery work or doesn't.

no matter how much you want to deny it ... folks having problems with their airhead electronic ignitions is not uncommon. in fact it's a fairly common topic that comes up on Adv.

and NO way BMW airhead electronic ignition are more reliable than points. now electronic ignitions in general on other motorcycles and cars ARE very reliable and are equally reliable as points.

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