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Hola mi amigos y amigas

first I have to admit I've been to San Cristobal de las Casas before and have a bit of a soft spot for it

so here we go:

after leaving Puerto Escondido headed for the small town that should be renamed "The Shoulder Of Hell" just because of how hot it is I stopped at a little road side cafe, the breakfast was pretty good but the young lady talked me into trying a "coco frio", she opened the bottom part of her freezer and took out a coconut with all the trimmings still on and proceeded to lop off the top with a machete and stick in a straw. I have never really cared for cocnut milk but I have never tasted anything this good or cold before I had it all through breakfast and it never warmed up

this is the only picture of that day and evening

one of the unsung workers who help keep us travelling

Posada in Bakkers book, yes it is very nice but a bit of a hoof to town but 5 pesos on the bus handles that

view of the room

and out the window

San Cristobal doesn't have the biggest fanciest or cleanest centro but it's still busy

actually the first thing right after breakfast is bike maintainance, I noticed yesterday it was taking almost the complete sweep of the clutch lever to disengage the clutch so adjustments had to be made

out of order but heres breakfast, wup sorry no breakfast picture but here's the womans cooperative where I ate

and the ladies who were running it that day

went to the artisans market, very eclectic collection of locals and foreign hippies selling their stuff, the picture doesn't do it justice, it's laid out like a hub and spoke and you can wander for quite a while in there

as you wander the towns of Mexico you get the impression from the endless graffiti covered walls and doors that most of Mexico is dirt poor but every now and then the door opens a crack and you get a quick peek of what really lies back there

this is one of the more colourful churches in San Cristobal, have a look at the sky behind it foretells the not too distant future

I liked the little yards and courtyards of the churches better than the churches themselves

in one of the markets this gentleman explained he was waterproofing the leather hats with oil before sale

here's a few odd pictures which defy a catagory, local police motorcycle

one of the many different shapes of guitars down here

a Scotty patiently waiting for his buddy

and these threads seem to descend into an orgy of food

another delicious sopa

supper tonight, I think it was called Mer y Tierra (stirfry of shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables cooked perfectly. I had a piece of berry cheese cake for dessert but I scoffed that down before my mind said picture, it was awesome as well. The whole supper including two coffees was 90 pesos

now here is a really neat gentleman, I was sitting having a coffee and contemplating the universe when we struck up a conversation. We ended up hanging together all afternoon, he and his wife are contemplating retiring into Mexico and are down scouting out areas

if your down this way and recognize Stefan definitely say hello, your afternoon will be well rewarded

I mentioned I needed a new shirt to replace the ratty old t shirt I was wearing and since Stefan wanted one as well we ended up harassing all the local women and men selling shirts. We nickeled and dimed two of them down to 85 pesos each for the shirts, we had to have two of them because each only had one XL shirt, we then led a parade over to the bank so we could break 500 pesos bills, the sellers weren't letting us out of their sight let me tell you. Anyway THE SHIRT

anyway that sort of covers San Cristobal de Las Casas

Next: waiting to meet Ed who's been travelling two days to catch up
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