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So someone posted up about a GNCC race at Unadilla. being Unadilla I had to give it a go. Not much for prep other than mounting up a new rear MT-16 and UHD tube. Sent my stabilizer out for a rebuild too, but didn't need it. Got up at 7am and started loading bike and getting gear in order. Then headed over to watch my sons cross country meet.

Back home finish loading and hit the road. Yeah baby Im off to Una.. Ahhh WTF?

Okay back up was short, Trooper had a car pulled over and people cant hadle move over or slow down. They doing stop and stare. Back on the gas, Gotta find a grocery store for water and ice and a bike shop on the way cause I ran out of chain lube. I know there is a few places around Walton.

Wow aint seen this in years. Gotta get a 12 pack for the weekend

Grabbed the chian lube and back on the way.. Hmm maybe I should get something to eat.. Crap another stop. Ok Im finally at Unadilla let me go register and find the teammates. Ahh WTF?

The line is about 3 hours long. The only good thing was that while waiting I ran into Crank and Frank. Bad thing was that by the time I got done with reg my truck was locked in the parking lot on the other side of the street and it was dark. I gave up on finding Frank who was located next to the red dumpster back that way and Crank who was over there at the top after 5 turns and 2 or 3 hills. Im tired need to sleep anyway. Sunday morning arrives and i head out to breakfast, the gate is now open, I return and start to unload and am told I can't I have to go over to the other side. Which was completely full. I wound up wedging my truck into a corner right at the entrance. Barry is roaring to go

I hop on bike and start asking where the start line one knows..Great. Decide to go over the river and through the woods and found Crank just as he was pullin out from his spot. We head over to GBG's and set up our pit and take a ride to find the start. Just to find out the start wil be delayed 2 hours due to record turnout and registration problems. I took the time to fix my gas leak, loose float bowk screws, that Cuz Jim noticed and take a ride back to my truck where the coolest dude in the world made me the best grilled cheese sandwhich I ever had. Dude than you so much!!!!!.

Head back over to the start and gaze in awe at the over 500 bikes on the field. i also watch acrash in the first wave that knocks one rider out with an appearent leg injury. Crank and I discuss strategy and decide to hang back and not get caught up in the big one. Finally its our rows turn. the announcer shouts 10 seconds and everyone starts and goes. I turn to look at crank and he's going too. Well thats out the window I hold back somewhat and watch as crank becomes part of a 3 bike pile up. And Kenny61 is officially leading the C Senior Team Ghetto line up. Crank catches up and almost knocks me into a tree. I gave him the appropriate "Fucker" response. I got caught up behind 2 slower bikes and wanted to pace my self but got past and began catching some bikes. Then I do my first drop. Pick it up and climb the hill. Im not totally winded and I'm real happy with that. I'm almost through the woods and onto the mx track when I catch a branch to my helmet that works its way past my goggles and smashes the crap out of my glasses which I am very grateful I wear, I think I may have lost an eye otherwise. I take my goggles off and my 4 day old lenses drop to the ground ...crap. I look, find and pick em up and run over to a bystander and have him throw them in my pack.Crap now what??? The announcer said I can leave the track as long as I return at the same point.. Ill get off at GBG's and ride back to truck and get my sunglasses. Too bad i cant see because I didn't realize I was only a 100yards from my truck at this point and never did find GBG's trailer, guess my vission is pretty bad. I wound up doing a complete lap without my glasses. The lap really tired me out as I was hittin lots of crap I shouldn't have and that put a real work out on my shoulders, which are still sore as I write this. I finally found my way back to my truck and got my sunglasses which were fine on the MX track part but really to dark in the wooded sections. Looking at lap times the glasses made a 10 minute penalty for me.But I was happy to see at one point mylap time was within 3 minutes of Crankshaft, who lapped me on the last lap but I was able to catch up when he got stuck in a muddy turn..seeing a great roosting waiting I pushed alittle too hard and got stuck in the same hole. By the time I got going again he was gone and my knees were screaming in pain. If you watch the end of video4 that what all the screaming and groaning I was doing. Finished 32 out of 42 in my class and 4hunderd something out of 5hundred something overall,. I was happy with my performance and really loved the track. It was smoother and had grip reminded me of the places I rode when I was a teenager. I'll be back next year in better shape and more experience
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